What’s your big game?

During one coaching demonstration I was asked: “What’s your big game?”. Surprisingly I couldn’t answer right away and my colleagues helped me to find the answer myself – with my positivism as a coach I can encourage people to look at life from the bright side.

Everyone needs to find this answer themselves – what is inspiring, motivating, vocation or purpose of life. My mission as a coach is to accelerate this process. During coaching sessions my clients find new perspectives and find the key of conscious managing the direction to achievement of desired aim.

About me

Plamena Getova


Accredited professional coach with interests in career development, teams, mentoring and leadership skills. Learn more...


Coaching for people. People for coaching.
Denitsa Dobreva (testimonial)

Denitsa Dobreva

HR professional

"Coaching sessions with Plamena have opened up new horizons to me by helping me concentrate on the opportunities for a positive solution to the problematic situations, and I built confidence in myself and my own abilities."

Iskren Stanislavov

Iskren Stanislavov

Senior Front End Developer

"Plama is the best coach you may meet in Bulgaria. With great feeling of compassion and patience and at the same time she is very sharp in getting you to the answer that’s hiding beyond your mind, where is a cloudy mess. Never regret big decisions. Chose a pro coach."

Mariya Russeva

Mariya Russeva

PhD, Sofia University

"The coaching sessions with Plamena helped me focus on the essential in my life - my long-term goals and thus to plan my time properly. Thanks, Plami!"