Happiness is my mantra through my whole career. As an HR professional I am trying to create the happy workplace for all my colleagues in varies ways more that decade. When I am recruiting I have in mind core skills needed for the position and I am trying to find areas for development as well. This guarantees that my new colleague will be confident in some stuff and will have what to learn, so the job will be interesting for him/her. I am looking for matching the values of the team with the values of this new person. Those are most important for building a happy well-balanced team. While managing employee relations I am gaining trust by matching words and acts. Than keeping it by regular follow up. When creating the employer brand I have in mind values and saying only the truth so we can attract the right audience.

I love working with people and this is something my colleagues see every day. Solution focused coaching is fitting my belief that all clients are OK and capable of solving their situation. They will take the best decision in a given moment with positive intend behind any action.

Пламена Гетова - сертифициран коуч
How all started so coaching became my passion?

My diverse experience in the HR field started with recruitment – managing the end-to-end process, optimizing it according to the company and market requirements. Then I understood I manage to help people to develop their potential while I direct them in the right direction. It was my passion for 10 years while I was participating in different projects like Employer branding and Labor Market research, Employee engagement and many more. In each and every project I was looking for opportunities to help people find “The Job”  making them happy or build “The best team ever” which everyone wants to join.

I was looking for new instrument for that and now I found my new passion – COACHING! In my coaching I am using Result-oriented method so I like it that much. My role as a coach is to motivate and inspire my clients to be the CHANGE THEY WANT TO SEE. 

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