You are looking for YOUR work place but always ran at unsatisfying one. And do you know people that have found it?

Start looking for your vocation rather than some position! It could be found in so many different professions as well as diversity of positions.

Challenge yourself and use our “Career compass” to check if you are on the right truck. Within this program we will work together to discover work values , strengths and your vocation. Together we will set the first steps of your dreamed professional journey.

Here is more about the steps in this creative process:

I Step: Values– Who am I when I am working?

We will be looking at your motivators and study your work habits . We will analyze most important elements of the work environment and determine what would make you feel yourself in this chosen field. We are going to inspect if your current job covers your satisfaction criteria.

II Step: Mission

Meaning is something that people are seeking for life. Find the meaning in your job, what contribution you would like to bring through work and you will be more satisfied. Once you find a job that fulfill your mission you will love what you are doing regardless position, company or education you have.

III Step: skills and achievements

Here we will look through your experience and the situations you are proud with. What skill you’ve used and what are your strengths? Will ask the question – what satisfied you or made you happy? How could you multiply that?

IV Step: goal setting – DECISION & first STEPS

„IDEAL JOB” DOES NOT EXIST! Things that make you happy at work are your colleagues, your boss and the meaning you find you your work. It is time to look at the options together and to consider the first steps in fulfilling your mission.


  • Detailed plan that is waiting for you actions to come life
  • You will consciously start looking for happiness at work
  • You will know what could violet it and how to prevent this
  • You will start appreciating all good things you have


  • 4 coaching sessions
  • 1 month support after the program for accomplishing your plan
  • Additional session at the and of the first month for celebrating the success

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