Team work skills as well as a effective work in a team are important part not only for personals development of each employee but for the business development of each company. Factors for building a good team are:

  • Right recruitment of team members;
  • The good manager figure who is setting  който задава approach and atmosphere at work;
  • Adjusting of habits between all team members so work successful;
  • Timely resolving of misunderstandings or conflicts.
Do you want high effective team? Here are some of the things that can help:
  • Coaching session for Resolving Conflicts

Looking at a conflict in a new way and transforming the reasons for it in the resolution. Finding new touch points smoothing all disagreements. Uniting a team trough building a common vision for goals and values.

  • Coaching for Project management

There are techniques applicable especially in the phase of planning of certain project that provide innovation and speed in the phase of implementation.

  • Coaching for Creating team value model

Each company has values that are hanging from the walls. But are they the once that the employees live with? Values are those that glue the people around an idea or a cause, make the to stay longer with a company, to build a career and much more…

Say “YES” to work in a TEAM!
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