Well known fact is that all serious companies have long heavy recruitment process, going through several stages most of the times and the interview is one of them. First document review – assessing skills, then check if this is the reality – reference check. This process is followed by “interview” with the employees – future colleagues.

What is for you the interview – exam or meeting? Often I have been asked since I am HR professional and I have conducted thousands interviews „how I can prepare for an interview?”, „which are the right answers” or I have heard comments from serious people very good professionals that they are anxious.

here is a different interpretation for the interviews and how to approach them:

Image you are going to a first date (might be a blind date as well) – have no idea what to expect, but you want to spend pleasant time with this person. You are interested in the partner, flirting, but nevertheless you are assessing if he/she is the right match – is it appealing and do you have common interests, hobbies, values. Are you going to meet again and what will be doing together? Usually the first date brings excitement and desire to show up the best we can. To cover their expectations although we have no idea what are they. And don’t forget he or she feels the same way – this is a common process that is happening to both people.

So the job interview is also first date. Has its thrill and obscurity for the expectation of the other side. This is a „flirt” or „dance for two”, who are trying to find out if it is worth working together on common projects. Is there wright or wrong answer to the interview questions – NO! Just be yourself to find the most suitable for you place, with projects that are interesting for you, values that drives you forward and development of skill that you find valuable.