You interview for different jobs, and they ask you strange questions you don’t know how to answer. Sound familiar?
You get questions like: how would you react in this or that situation; who would you contact if this or that happened? You wonder where those questions came from and what the correct answer is. What are they trying to understand? That’s why I have a special offer for you, from which up to 6 people will be able to benefit:


I decided to work with a career consultant to be prepared to apply for specific positions. I liked the direct communication and explanations given by Plamena. The non-judgmental, friendly and comfortable environment helped me understand and learn about myself. Now I have a clear goal of what I would like to do. I was able to integrate the new knowledge when choosing an employer.

Kristina Spasova


Understand what companies are looking for;

Find out what problems teams are struggling with;

Get to know the companies during the meetings and assess whether this is the right career step for you;

Ask the right questions to interviewers;

Be calm and self-confident;

Make the right choice;

You are in a challenging, tense period! You look for a job, prepare a CV, and the companies invite you to the interview. Stress is crazy – you sneak out of work to interviews where they ask illogical questions. But, all the time, you feel like you are missing something important … There has to be an easier way.

People says there's a shortage of staff, and they're not hiring you!

Meetings with the companies you’re applying for are confusing. Interviews are very stressful and time consuming…

After every interview, you say to yourself:

"If I had said this and that, they would have taken me!"

Now you can objectively and systematically look at the past situation and understand what is “important”.
You found a new job, but at the cost of more time, stress and interviews. Sometimes a trial and error approach works well, but mistakes are costly.

What is the solution?

Using the experience of someone on both sides of the interview process, you can look at your situation from the side without emotion. This person will share secrets from the HR “kitchen” and help you present yourself in the best way.

I loved my job in HR and witnessed many people’s professional journeys with their triumphs and struggles. I have seen thousands of CVs, and I have conducted many interviews. I know how hard it is to make a good CV and how stressful the job search and interview process is.

I developed a system to support job applicants who want choices and make a great impression.

I know what HR hears in your answers and how to understand what they are looking for in the given position. I can help you ask the right questions and learn to listen between the words.

You can understand how I work when we start ... and yet:

Here are the steps we will follow:

  1. We will consider up to 3 positions you are interested in;
  2. I will ask you questions and comment on your answers;
  3. We will talk about the qualities that you want to emphasize and the right way to do it;

How can you benefit from my experience and skills?

Request an introductory meeting – this is a free consultation where we can define your needs and agree on the parameters of our work together.

How much time you need to invest? – it depends on you and your needs. It usually takes 3 to 5 meetings.

Frequency, location and duration of meetings

  • We hold the meetings online, using the GoogleMeet platform for this purpose.
  • Each meeting lasts 45 minutes.
  • I will give you access to my calendar, and you can adjust the meetings according to your possibilities.
  • I suggest having weekly meetings, but we can arrange this according to your needs.
This offer is valid until my schedule is full. At the moment I can help 6 people.