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Manage your career!

I believe that every person has a calling and when he/she finds it, it brings them easiness and success. I help my clients find their inspiration, motivation, strengths, and talents to set and achieve professional and life goals effortlessly. 

Пламена Гетова - сертифициран коуч

My mission is to accelerate this process!

During our meetings, my clients discover new perspectives and begin to consciously strive for the desired goal. Through my positivism, I encourage people to look at life from the bright side.

How I work with clients…

  • We start with an introductory online meeting, which is free. We will use it to define your goal and make a plan for how to proceed.
  • You commit to booking time with me for the following meetings (every week or once every 2 weeks).
  • After each conversation you will have homework that will move you towards your goal.
  • All these steps will lead to a plan on how to realize yourself in the chosen profession or how to perform your career transition.

Build career paths for your employees and help them make a career exactly with your company.

Career consultations

You can go to work with pleasure and be successful. 

Check if you are valued by your employer!

Have you thought if your work is valued by your employer and how you understand it? Are money, professional development, or responsibilities important to you?