Use а holistic approach

to your career, team and employees

In the process of job search or recruitment, both sides want to have the right to choose. Let’s make a win-win situation by putting the puzzle pieces together!

Shifting the attention from the problem to the desired outcome

Solution-Focused Coaching is a coaching model that integrates proven value-based personal development practices. The framework I use helps by changing the focus to reveille many different possibilities for achieving the desired outcome.
When we apply this approach in a corporate environment, it enables a view of the bigger picture. Additionally, you can take a systematic approach to achieve results. The improved business environment has a positive effect on all employees. It creates a desire in them to produce and develop.
I help individuals reach their desired occupations and develop their full potential.

Build career paths for your employees and help them make a career exactly with your company.

The labor market is very short on staff, you hardly find recruits and have a hard time retaining those who have already become productive.

How do you differ from others on the market? The social benefits package no longer works, nor does it attract people motivated to give.

Clear rules and structure create a sense of security and perspective that will attract serious people to the organization and reduce turnover.

What's in for your employees:

A clear career development direction and security in the future of the company;

Job satisfaction;

A sense of care from the company;

What gets your company:

Easy management of knowledge and skills in the company, in relation to future projects;

Lower turnover;

Building a corporate culture driven by learning and results.

You could go to work with pleasure and be successful.

When you seek your calling rather than a specific position, it can be found in so many different professions and a wide variety of positions.

Challenge yourself and check if you are following the right direction!

We will work together to discover YOUR work values, your strengths, and your calling. Together we’ll draw the first steps on the right professional path for you.

I know that changing jobs is also connected with this nightmare – to prepare your CV. There are so many visions and software out there that make it even more complicated.

When you want to change your profession and no one is answering from the jobs you applied – get professional support.

Trust me and we will succeed together!

What do you get:

We’ll create a detailed plan that awaits your execution;

You’ll be more aware of what could upset you and ruin your balance, as well as how to prevent happening;

We will evaluate all the good things you have so you can appreciate them;

You will gain confidence;

You will discover your driving forces (your work values);

You will have renewed CV and an updated LinkedIn profile.