Here are some of the things that most modern companies (especially those in the fast-moving IT sector) struggle with:

  • Staff retention
  • Fair remuneration management/ lack of remuneration management system
  • Difficulty answering frequently asked questions from employees (current and new) such as:
    • When will I get a raise? 
    • What salary increase can I expect and what does it depend on? 
    • What career development can I expect? 
    • What is the next step in my career if I start in this position and how can I get there?
  • Problem with the motivation of your employees to upgrade their knowledge  and participate in training
  • You have a hard time determining a fair salary for new hires
  • There are certain responsibilities in teams that nobody wants to take on
  • When you need someone to take on leadership roles, things on the team start to fall apart
  • Nobody wants to take responsibility

The solution to these and many similar problems is easy – rules and building a hierarchical structure with the help of the current leaders in the company.

Here are some of the possibilities a career consultant can offer:

  • An experienced career consultant can help your organization to build career paths. How – by following some of the following steps:
    • Study the organizational culture and identify several values ​​and soft skills important to the entire company
    • In collaboration with the leaders of the conpany, defining levels of technical skills needed to complete upcoming tasks
    • Establish standards for moving from level to level – fair and clear
  • Individual work of an independent consultant with leaders and employees in the company to create an individual career plan
  • No matter how stable the business is, there are unforeseen situations and sometimes it is necessary to release some employees. For them the support of a career consultant is quite valuable – to overcome the shock and quickly find the next job.

How the activities of the career consultant can be a solution to the companies' problems:

  • Building career paths creates rules, which will create security and tranquility for employees. Knowing what awaits them in terms of career path and salary increase, they are much more likely not to seek development and more money from the competition;
  • Leaders and the HR team will find it easier to answer career and salary questions. They will have yet another performance and motivation tool.
  • HRs will have clear criteria at the time of selection as who the successful candidates are.
  • You will get a tool to manage the culture in the organization and a good way to build the employer brand so that it attracts the right people.

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