Коучинг за лидери с Пламена Гетова

A few conversations yesterday on LinkedIn got me thinking about this topic. Thanks for the feedback of my interlocutors. Here’s what I can share about it.

Career development is a lifelong process, whether you are managing it or not. The factors that influence your career development are your interests, abilities, personality traits, value system, experience, and circumstances beyond your control. Career counseling is a process that will help you get to know yourself to make adequate career and life decisions.

From what has been said so far, it follows that a career consultant is a person who can support anyone no matter in what stage of your career. This is a person who can support you in any of the following situations:

You need to choose a high school or university

There are so many options out there. That it’s confusing and you don’t know which one is right for you. You are worried about making a mistake that will need to bear for a long time (or at least a few years). You ask yourself questions like:

The answers to these and many other questions can be found with the help of a career consultant. They will help you be more aware and confident in your choice.

And don’t forget – there is no bad experience. You will always find where to apply what you have learned, even if you change the desired direction of development.

You have already started your professional journey, but something is still missing

Your efforts are focused on professional activities unsuitable for you. Your desire to work decreases and good performance costs you more and more effort.

However, you believe that you may love your profession and the possibility that work can bring you satisfaction and an opportunity to develop your strengths.

Save effort and, together with a career consultant, determine which is the right profession for you, so that the next change in your career can be in the right direction.

You are trying to change fields and need a plan of action

When you want to change your profession and no one calls you from the ads you applied for – there can be many reasons, but with the help of a career consultant, it is easy to overcome them. Here are some of the possible options:

You have experience in another field and many of the skills acquired would help you in your new position, but you don’t know how to present them.
You say to yourself “I have no experience in this” thus thoughts are closing doors to yourself.
I know that changing jobs is also associated with another nightmare – preparing your CV. There are so many visions and software that you don’t know which one will be suitable for your field of application.

Get started with the help of a professional. Everything is important – the attitude, the way of presentation, to know the mentality of the companies in the field, and much more.

You are about to be promoted or transferred to a new team

It is important to cope in the best way possible, but there is no one in your company to support you on the path of change. You wonder how to survive without ruining your relationships with colleagues and still be yourself.

There are techniques I could present you with that will support you through this change and even want more. 🙂

You don't know how to turn down a promotion and keep your position in the company

Not all of us are born leaders and not all of us enjoy working with people. Unfortunately, especially in tech companies, they promote whoever is the best technically and put them in charge of taking care of the team. That requires so many different skills than what you actually have.

The result in most cases is clear – You become demotivated, the team too and the results go down.

This situation has two resolutions:

  • decline the offer in an acceptable manner
  • adapt and upgrade your leadership skills

In both cases, you will need help and I can support you.

You have upcoming job interview

This nightmare from the school of being tested repeats and makes you feel quite anxious.

It really depends on how you look at the situation. You can turn it into a pleasant conversation with your future colleagues.

But for this, you need a career consultant for a “dry run”.

Did you recognize yourself?

Do you want to share your situation and find a solution together?

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