Where is the responsibility – on the company or us?

Навигация Have you ever changed jobs and found yourself in a situation you wanted out of it again? Here’s an example: you often stay after work to finish tasks while you want to get a work-life balance. You start a new place, and soon you stay after hours again finalizing tasks. What happened? By changing […]

Who can benefit from a career adviser?

Navigation A few conversations yesterday on LinkedIn got me thinking about this topic. Thanks for the feedback of my interlocutors. Here’s what I can share about it. Career development is a lifelong process, whether you are managing it or not. The factors that influence your career development are your interests, abilities, personality traits, value system, […]

Benefits for companies hiring a Career Consultant

Navigation Here are some of the things that most modern companies (especially those in the fast-moving IT sector) struggle with: Staff retention Fair remuneration management/ lack of remuneration management system Difficulty answering frequently asked questions from employees (current and new) such as: When will I get a raise? What salary increase can I expect and […]